About Me

Creative Entrepreneur, Brand Consultant, Fundraiser

Joshua Scarver is the founder of the #DoWhatYouDesire movement. The #DWYD brand comes from a belief that everyone, no matter what background they are from, can benefit from doing what they desire. Whether this is starting your own business, going back to school, leaving an abusive relationship or more, you can benefit from doing what you desire and open a new door for new opportunities in your life. Because of this powerful and universally appealing philosophy, #DWYD has been advocated for by people all over the world including celebrities such as DJ Envy (The Breakfast Club) and Amy Cuddy (bestselling author). Several people have even tattooed #DWYD on themselves so they can continue to remind themselves to live life doing what they want to do.

As an experienced visionary who is passionate about making a difference in this world, Joshua has been actively involved with several charities and social movements. He has been in the philanthropy field for four years and worked with children’s hospitals to create successful toy drives. He has also worked with the CannedWater4Kids organization to bring clean water to children in Flint, MI during their water crisis. His passion for philanthropy comes from his own background where he grew up in tough surroundings. Today, he is deeply committed to helping others who are dealing with similar circumstances and need someone to help them.

Passionate about music, he is also a member of the music duo Amerikas Addiction. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, writing, playing sports and reading. He is also a foodie and enjoys trying new foods and cooking.