Fundraising & Charity Events

My true passion in life is giving and organizing others to join in helping those of us who are less fortunate. It took me awhile to re-realize this, because I never had much time or enough money to give in large amounts, so I thought that I was not able to help others effectively. While thinking back on my younger years, I remembered the value of giving that was taught to me by my mother. She instilled in me giving to others in need without expecting anything in return. We would sometimes have to get food vouchers (that we were not allowed to have) from a food pantry and sometimes during those trips, my mother would end up giving the little money she had to a homeless person on the street who would be asking for help.

It doesn’t take much to help someone or a cause. It could be giving monetarily or giving your time and energy to something you believe in. Anything that you can do to positively affect others and help humanity, is truly a form of self healing and good for your soul.

One of the ways that I try to help year round is through my annual Toy & Book Drive with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The new toys and books that are collected are donated to The Child Advocacy Center, which works with neglected and abused children who come in seeking physical and mental health services. The drive has become that divisions largest donation source for the children who are helped by them. Last year we collected over 1300 toys and books and our current goal is 2,000. You can find out more about The Child Advocacy Center here –


Another charity organization that I truly support is CannedWater4Kids – they are doing an amazing job at helping children have access to clean and safe drinking water in African and South American countries. They are also a source of education in water and the organization has donated over 350,000 cans of drinking water to the people affected in the lead water crisis that is happening in Flint, MI. You can find out more about CannedWater4Kids here –

There are other charities and organizations that I support via volunteering and donations that I will update on here!

If you would like to donate to my toy & book drive or organize a collection in your neighborhood, school, business, religious institution or community organization please contact me!